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Marina Antunes [DVD News 10.25.11] Germany dvd thriller drama

I was so excited when I saw an email land in my inbox about Dreileben (Three Lives) that you'd think I've never seen a movie before.

Explained in various festival programs as an "experiment in narrative structuring," Dreileben is a collection of three films, each with its own writer/director, which take place in the same fictional environment. This isn't your typical trilogy, it doesn't feature the same characters or continue on a story but each of the films, titled Beats Being Dead (a "Hitchcockian romantic thriller"), One Minute of Darkness ("novelistic criminal investigation") and Don't Follow Me Around ("dual psychological character study that veers toward a Thuringian fairytale"), features stories which are tied into the events that unfold in this universe in which a convicted murderer and sex offender has escaped from a hospital. Each director approached the events from a different angle, and used their own style in their respective film.

I tried to squeeze the three films into my VIFF experience but it wasn't meant to be and the fact that it made a few top ten lists didn't make me feel any better about the whole thing. That said, the three films, which I understand originally aired on German television, are now available on DVD in Europe. Not only is the trilogy easy to track down but the price isn't even astronomical!

Trailer for the DVD, along with clips from two of the films below.

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