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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.11.11] movie trailer news scifi steampunk war

When I hear the words "next to nothing budget" and "volunteer crew," my expectations immediately drop but I'm always up for a bit of surprise and the Detroit lensed The Wars of Other Men has fallen well into the surprise category.

Taking place in an alternate 1920s steampunk/dieselpunk world, it tells the story of a Lieutenant on the losing side of the war…

The enemy has begun to dominate the battlefield with their new chemical super weapon, known only as "the Fog." When his superiors learn the location of the facility that manufactures the Fog, the Lieutenant is ordered to lead a squad through the war torn city to capture the scientist responsible for its creation… at a terrible cost to soldier and civilian alike. With the lives of his men and the fate of the war hanging in the balance the Lieutenant must make a choice — will he be a good soldier or will he be a good man?

The story doesn't promise to deliver anything particularly new but I'm really impressed with what this creative team under the leadership of director and co-writer Mike Zawacki has managed to pull together. The effects are seamless, the war-torn setting bleak and I love the overall aesthetic of the picture (though the music is doing nothing for me).

The impressive trailer is below while more details on the project, including behind the scenes images, are available on the film's website.

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Ruzilya (9 years ago) Reply

Loved the first 2 XMen movies. The third, while not as good, was still alhrigt in my book. I also actually enjoyed Wolverine . . . because out of the 4 movies to that point it was the one that actually felt like a comic book. Not the awesome Logan time frame. . . but still a good comic. I'm not sure about some of the character choices in this trailer. Something about the time frame and the age of the people involved, when worked with the first 3 movies, just doesn't add up to me initially. Also I get the feeling that the edginess of the this trailer is manufactured and not a real representation of what we'll see on the screen. I mean, if properly chopped, I can make All Dogs Go to Heaven seem edgy and intense.

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