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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.03.11] thriller drama

Earlier this year I was really pleased for the opportunity to share Scooter Corkle's short film Chloe and Attie which had been kicking around the festival circuit and generating buzz for what seemed like years. I was even more pleased at the reaction from those that saw the short and didn't know what to make of it. Worry not confused masses, things are about to get a little clearer; or so I hope.

It was announced a few weeks ago that a full length feature was in the works with Corkle returning to direct and one of the best cinematographers working in Vancouver at the moment, Norm Li, capturing the film's dark tones. The full length project will continue to develop the connection between Chloe and Attie and will star the real-life twins Jacqueline and Joyce Robbins, that so effectively embody the creepy characters,

The project is currently raising funds via Kickstarter and we'll be keeping close tabs on the status of the production so stay tuned for more updates as they develop!

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