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Christopher Webster [Film Festival 09.25.11] movie review horror comedy

Year: 2011
Directors: Eli Craig
Writers: Eli Craig / Morgan Jurgenson
Amazon: link
IMDB: link
Trailer: link
Review by: agentorange
Rating: 8 out of 10

I'm not going to run my mouth off about this one. Rochefort covered the ins-and-outs when he reviewed it from Fantastic Fest last year. Suffice it to say it's as amazingly funny as you may have heard and if this is the first you're hearing about it, blind buy. It's that good. It does to the hillbilly horror genre what Scream did for the teen slasher. It plays with the tropes in such a unique way and makes so much sense you're surprised no one's thought of it already. Definitely destined for cult status.

So, the beef is that Tucker & Dale are two best friends from the back country who are heading on vacation to their dilapidated mountain cabin. They plan on fishing, drinking and just straight chilling. But, when they stop at a gas station for supplies and run into a group of snot nosed college kids (you know, like the kind from every backwoods horror film ever) their vacation takes a nasty turn. The teens find them creepy and through a series of misinterpretations of events, the two groups end up in a battle for survival.

Tucker and Dale's friendship is at the heart of the film and Alan Tudyk (Firefly) and Tyler Labinethe (Reaper) are the reason the film works as well as it does. Their comic timing is just pitch perfect and their bumbling reactions to the escalating crisis they don't even realize they're a part of is side-splitting:

That's just a small taste. If you're a fan of horror comedy you must check this one out.

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Plain and simple...Movie of the year


chuck (11 years ago) Reply

I never really dug Labinethe's low-rent Jack Black routine on Reaper but he was awesome in this film. The twist here was totally original and the gag didn't get old half way through. I smell a sequel (that won't be quite as good but will have a larger budget, sigh).


firejoe (11 years ago) Reply

Best Fun Horror Movie EVER!

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