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Marina Antunes [Cathode Ray Mission 09.25.11] Tuvalu Portugal news action comedy

The fascist regime that gripped Portugal for over 40 years could well have been the worse thing to happen to the country but writer/director João Leitão is getting ready to poke a bit of fun at a period of dark history.

A throwback to the classic Adam West starring "Batman" of the late 60's, the "Capitão Falcão" ("Captain Falcon") TV series stars Gonçalo Waddington and David Chan Cordeiro as a dynamic duo of super-heroes who work for António Salazar's regime fighting off the commie scare.

Leitão calls his martial arts parody a "Batman/Green Hornet tribute in its own way" and I couldn't agree more. It perfectly embodies the classic aesthetics with a comedy of two guys who don't really seem to know what they're doing. The thing that tickles my fancy the most is the fact that the sidekick's name is Puto (translation: #@sshole).

Hilariously cheesy trailer below. Loads of additional information at the official website.

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Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply



Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

er.... Marina, puto in portuguese is not the same word as puto in latin american spanish. puto in portuguese translates as "kid".

in portugal we speak portuguese (the right kind of portuguse, of course).


Sara (10 years ago) Reply

Puto in portugues means kid and not asshole!!! Be carefull!

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