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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.14.11] movie trailer horror webseries

As a HUGE fan of Neil Marshall's original werewolf film, I'm excited to report that Kismet Entertainment Group have released the first official teaser trailer for the upcoming Dog Soldiers: Legacy web series. The episode, Dog Soldiers: Red, was filmed in Northwest Arkansas in the last weekend of August 2011.

"The trailer brings back a sense of the unique werewolf style that we have all
come to love from the original Dog Soldiers film" stated Kismet vice president D. Eric Allen. Allen produced the teaser and is the oldest son of David E.Allen, producer and financier for the original film.

Based on a modern-day version of "Little Red Riding Hood", multiple members
of Allen's family took part in the Ryan Lightbourn-directed trailer including his grandmother Pat "Nan" Allen who plays the awaiting grandma and his sister Emmy Allen who portrays "Red".

Kismet Entertainment is also in the early stages of pre-production for the first
sequel to the 2002 cult hit "Dog Soldiers".

Check out the trailer below.

Via: Beyondhollyood

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Rev Wright (10 years ago) Reply

Hokey sh*t, even managing to be worse than the awful original feature. tosh


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

if they really really want the sequel to do well and make lots of $$$,
i would suggest they forget about releasing the web episodes for everyone to see.


skullan (10 years ago) Reply

Yeah, I love the original, but this sequel looks cheesy.


arnold (10 years ago) Reply

hahahahaha! is this going to be a comedy? I think it should be.


(10 years ago) Reply

This can't have anything to do with the original... it just can't. Fanfilm maybe?


(10 years ago) Reply

Very clever w/ the nod to Red Riding Hood. Look forward to the series.


crabbieappleton (10 years ago) Reply

What the what? I guess we know how this movie ends....


Zero (10 years ago) Reply

Little Red Riding Hood, but is boring, I hope that this web series gives more information about the family of werewolves of the first film of Dog Soldiers, this is fine

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