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Christopher Webster [Film Festival 09.09.11] movie trailer news short

Up in Cottage Country is a new Canadian produced short film that is skedded to premier at TIFF as part of the Short Cuts Canada series this year. The director, Simon Ennis, was born in Toronto but actually grew up in Drumheller, Alberta, not too far from where I am. Western Canada represent! Before this short, he directed the features You Might as Well Live.

Here's the beef:
In an update of Kafka’s “In der Strafkolonie,” (In the Penal Colony) we find George (Josh Peace) at the cottage arguing with his wife Annie (Liane Balaban). He later stumbles upon a twisted scene: a defunct military officer (Julian Richings) operating a torture machine that carves the sentence of the condemned onto their skin before letting them die.

A commentary on hierarchy and the justice system, Up in Cottage Country is a carefully constructed adaptation of a twisted tale.

Watching this trailer I'm struck by just how "Canadian it is" blending classic Canuck characters and humour with dark subject matter. It looks good, but I'd like to see us shy away from this kind of thing eventually.

Check out the trailer below.

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