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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.01.11] movie news short music

In the 90s, Marilyn Manson was sort of a big deal. He was lewd, loud, odd and did things his own way. It was refreshing and his brand of shock rock had kids everywhere buying up t-shirts, black nail polish and fish nets. By the time his third album rolled around, Manson had worn out his welcome and though he's continued to release albums, he's become largely irrelevant. And then he met Shia LaBeouf. The two got along so famously that they've authored a book together along with a short film/music video.

This is amusing on a couple of levels. First and foremost, the fact that Steven Spielberg’s young superstar is hanging out with Manson is likely to raise a few eyebrows. What's more is that though many (if not all) of the visuals in Born Villain are recycled, they're pretty risqué coming from a dude who is best known for his blockbuster appeal.

There are definitely some striking visuals here but the fact that not a one seems to be original is really disappointing. I don't care that you can make a good copy as long as you give me some new material too. The fact that the popular kid likes to spend time and play with the weird kids is really amusing to me but beyond that, this entire video feels like a big bag of meh. One thing is for certain: this LaBeouf collaboration has provided Manson with more media attention than he's seen in a few years.

For the curious, the NSFW video is below.

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Diggler (10 years ago) Reply

This was just a lewd rendition of Jodorowski's Holy Mountain. Pretty limp in my opinion.


Brett (10 years ago) Reply

Let us count the rip offs.... I mean homages. Holy Mountain, Un Chien Andalou, It is Fine Everything Is Fine! I'm sure I am missing others.


Music Curmudgeon (10 years ago) Reply

"I"ve seen Jodorowsky - and you, Transformer Boy and Alice Cooper diluted clone, are no Jodorowsky." Sure, AJ had his shock value - but you could tell something more spiritual and visionary was in the mix. It's pitifully humorous that a good many fans aren't even going to be aware of from whence was ripped.


Marilyn Manson (10 years ago) Reply

Psh. As if you guys know a damn thing about music to begin with. I'm friends with Jodorowski and the short film contained the actors from the original film. I suggest you do your homework before you talk so much shit. You whiney little whores. I will eat you.

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