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Christopher Webster [DVD News 08.11.11] movie news dvd

You could say it's a "Super" week for releases gang. Here we go!

Super - is a shocking film. If you're going into this expecting something akin to Kick Ass, don't. I mean, it's from James Gunn who did Slither. This is more Taxi Driver than Super Bad, though it is still full of geeky superhero goodness. The casting is also perfect. Ellen Page as an unhinged Boltie paired with Rainn Wilson is just inspired, but a villainous Kevin Bacon steals the show. Read Marina's review for a more in depth look at the film.

Paul - is a sweet little geek road-trip movie that doesn't quite live up to the hype. Nothing bad to say about Simon Pegg and Nick Frost mind you. I could watch these two comedic geniuses play off each other all day. The problem for me was the humour felt broad to obvious, but there are some inspired moments from the alien Paul (played by Seth Rogen) and lots of nerdy fun to be had by all.

Dream Home - comes at us from IFC, which means you Netflix streamers can watch it asap. This is one of the most extreme films ever produced in Hong Kong. A blood-drenched film from start to finish, it's a slasher with a purpose: To shock you. Does it succeed? Projectcyclops had his reservations, but he also said the premise was inspired so I say it's worth a stream.

The Clinic - is an Aussie thriller we reported on a year or so ago. It stars Andy Whitfield from Stars' Spartacus show and is about a road trip that turns into a battle for survival when Cameron and his pregnant wife, Beth stop for the night at a desolate motel. Beth is abducted and wakes up in an ice-filled bathtub, a captive at a sinister clinic with other women. This one's supposedly inspired by true events and in the tradition of Wolf Creek. I should note that Amazon lists this as a "Rated" version. Not sure how that affects the film.

Even more releases below.

Clash - is a little indie action film that seems to be getting a lot of buzz since its release on DVD this week. CLASH follows Trinh, a mercenary, assigned to recover a stolen hard drive containing codes to Vietnam's first satellite, the VINASAT.1. She creates an ensemble of specialists to regain control of the hard drive before it is sold to the Chinese Triad. Lies and betrayal unfold as Trinh uncovers the truth behind her squad. Who can she trust?

Your Highness - is a sword and sorcery spoof tha seems to be most famous for providing a clean shot of Natalie Portman's ass in a thong. I haven't seen it yet, but from what I've read don't expect anything else to be of much fun. Having said that, I'm sure if you watched it with no expectations you'd probably get a laugh or two. I would check it out if it was streaming of Netflix, but I don't think I'll track this one down.

Dead Man Blu-ray - is a post-modern western from director Jim Jarmusch. It's from the 90s - that period that people see as the height of independent film in America and stars Johnny Depp. Film snobs seems to love it, but I never did. It's easily my least favourite Jarmusch film but then again I haven't seen it probably ten years. Perhaps it's time for a rewatch on Blu-ray.

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