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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.05.11] movie trailer news scifi

Science fiction and period costume drama rarely mix, which is strange because I think the latter can add a sumptuous new layer that we rarely see in scifi. We saw it with The Prestige and on some level I think we see it in Andrew Niccol's films like Gattaca.

A new scifi film from the UK called Dimensions is blending the two genres in a unique story that seems to involve time travel. The film's husband and wife directing duo, Ant Neely & Sloane U’Ren, describe the film as "a cross between H.G. Wells’ Time Machine and A Beautiful Mind".

Stephen is a brilliant young boy who lives in Cambridge, England, in what appears to be the 1920s – but nothing in Stephen’s life is quite as it seems. His world is turned upside down upon meeting a charismatic and inspirational professor at a garden party who demonstrates to Stephen and his friends what life would be like if they themselves were merely one, or two, dimensional beings. He then proceeds to explain that by manipulating other dimensions, time travel may actually be possible.

As Stephen’s life unfolds, events lead him to dedicate himself to turning the Professor’s theories of time travel into reality. Jealousy, love, obsession, temptation and greed surround him, influencing his fragile mind and the direction of his work.

The cast includes Henry Lloyd-Hughes (Weekender, Inbetweeners), Camilla Rutherford (Gosford Park, Rome, Darjeeling Limited) and Patrick Godfrey (The Duchess, Remains of the Day, A Room a View)

Teaser trailer below.

Just as a side note; the two filmmakers sold their house to fund the film. Now that's dedication!

You can follow the film's production on the official website.

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

OMG, a trailer that doesn't give away the whole plot, that manages to be both mysterious and enchanting and without CGI up the wazoo... I'm not used to those anymore... I'm scared


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

I'll bite. You've got my attention.


Silence Is Coming (11 years ago) Reply

Agree with the first comment. Got my interest because I didn't feel like I'd seen it a thousand times before (though the 1960 version of The Time Machine sprang to mind). And it has a consistant look rather than the jarring 'and now for the CGI shot which we'll linger on because it cost us mucho wonga'.


Umberto (11 years ago) Reply

Bello! finalmente delle nuove idee per la fantascienza! mi ricorda molto "la macchina del tempo" di H.G.Wells ed e' una buona cosa.

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