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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.18.11] France movie trailer news scifi dystopic

Details are about Jean-Baptiste Léonetti's French dystopian flick are scant, but Twitch calls it "a slyly hilarious commentary on capitalism gone badly wrong." The satirical elements are certainly clear in this full trailer for the film, but there is also a pervasive darkness throughout, which stops this from being a laugh-out-loud black comedy.

The film's IMDB page takes a slightly blunter approach when describing the movie: "In the future, society's weak are killed and used for meat."

The film will screen at the 2011 Sitges Film Festival.

Enjoy the full trailer after the break.

Carré Blanc is Jean-Baptiste Léonetti's first feature scine his 2003 award winning short Le pays des Ours.

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macstu (10 years ago) Reply

looks STUPID

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