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Loved CUBE, SAW and HOSTEL? Then Film 4 Fright Fest 2011's got a premiere shocker you should probably check out.

Fifty years ago Yale University professor Stanley Milgram held a series of social experiments based on Nazi war criminals’ psychology. They were devised to answer a simple question; how far are people willing to go when instructed by authority?

Nick, his girlfriend Tayler and their two best friends are about to find out. Abducted after a camping trip, they wake up in an unknown prison with two vials wired into the base of their skulls. They are not alone: another four people are in the same nightmare predicament. Their task, set by a mysterious video figure, is to fill the vials with chemicals the brain produces under extreme pain. Who will become leader of the pack and who will be first to suffer the excruciating agonies they must devise themselves within the 22-hour time limit?

Vile has its world premier at FrightFest on Friday August 26, 2011.

Go ahead, check out the VILE trailer after the break.

Vile is Director Taylor Sheridan and stars Eric Jay Beck, April Matson, Akeem Smith,reg Cipes and Maya Hazen.

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wtf (11 years ago) Reply

they've got a big set of tools and all they want to do is hurt each other instead of the environment to get out? ... yeah... SURE! another saw-wannabe.


Rev Wright (11 years ago) Reply

Bloody awful! a contrived piece of nonsense with little to no redeeming value. If you really want something truly Vile get hold of a classic and stopping wasting your time with this tosh


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

I've seen this film. It's nothing like Saw. People were curled up in their seats watching it through between their fingers. I can't wait for it to come out!


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

yeah mabe the pain of sitting through another one of these torture films will be enough for a 6pack of that chemical they want so bad.

I hate this stuff so much. Where are the real films.


Horror Fan (11 years ago) Reply

Good point wtf. Why don't they use the tools to get out of the house? Oh yeah, because then the movie would be about a bunch of people trying to break a wall down. I think this looks like a fun movie. At least there aren't a bunch of stupid traps and nonsense like in the Saw movies.

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