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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.29.11] Russia movie trailer news comedy

I don't find this nearly as amusing as the frozen pants beer ad from a few weeks ago but it's certainly a sign that the once great JCVD has pretty much relegated himself to whatever work he can get. In this case, a slapstick Russian comedy.

Rzhevskij Against Napoleon doesn't do much for me (mind you, the fact that I don't speak Russian probably doesn't help matters any) but man, I did get a giggle from seeing Van Damme in period garb. It's amusing and truth be told, a bit sad. And here I'd hoped JCVD (review) was a sign of a sort of resurgence for the actor.

Who knows, we might still get to see Van Damme in an action flick. Until then, have a peek at this mess which opens in Russia, in 3D no less, later this year.

Trailer after the break.

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Marcel (11 years ago) Reply

definitly creepy crazy stuff and with JCVD on board gets more freaky!

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