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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.23.11] movie news scifi horror

Scifi's scariest film goes up against its most profitable in a movie mashup for the ages that is destined to confuse, confound and viewers for many years to come. Questions are obvious: what am I watching? How did this happen? Will there be a sequel...

A race of creatures known as the Scythe have become a plague in the universe. Cunning and powerful foes, they possess the ability to transform into anything from which they have consumed DNA. On a mission to stop the plague that her people unleashed, a beautiful alien named Ava has followed the Scythe to Earth.

Meanwhile, six college friends blowing off steam on a camping trip find themselves caught up in a cat and mouse hunt with the Scythe. Not knowing what to do or whom to trust, they struggle to protect themselves and keep it together. Reluctantly joining forces with Ava, they quickly learn what they are up against. Can they defeat the Scythe before it slaughters them one by one?

Aliens vs. Avatars (dis)graces DVD shelves on September 20th, courtesy of Tempe Video.

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facepalm (11 years ago) Reply

Let me guess... The @#%$&ng Asylum?


Digger (11 years ago) Reply

It isn't The Asylum, it's Sterling Entertainment, but it sure looks like an Asylum movie. The preview looks wretched!


Illusive Man (11 years ago) Reply

Probably just as good(awful) as ALiens vs. Zombies.


SK (10 years ago) Reply

It looks like that some 10 years old kid has made this film. Dull graphics & sound.


chuck (10 years ago) Reply

this just looks like another one of those made for syfy tv movies.


TraY (10 years ago) Reply

I just vomited in my mouth, that was the worst shit I have ever seen


Chris (10 years ago) Reply

I kept expecting a Power Ranger to pop out.


sfsadgag (10 years ago) Reply

why do they make this crap i mean wheres the profit here who would buy this crap WHOOOOO


louie (10 years ago) Reply

CRAP ! Cheap Crap !!!!!!!


Sarcasm (8 years ago) Reply


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