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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.16.11] Spain movie trailer news action drama

Hello batsh#% insane! How I love thee. OK, so it's not quite that crazy but Ãlex de la Iglesia's Last Circus (Balada Triste de Trompeta) isn't exactly your average movie either. An allegory of Franco era Spain, this crazy picture is destined for cult status. Clowns, killing sprees, blood, sex… yeah, cult status for sure.

Official verbage for those living under a rock:

The Last Circus (Balada Triste de Trompeta) is described as a wild and hilarious film that exposes the nature of political conflicts in his country's recent history. Set in a circus, the film offers a pointed metaphor for the Spanish Civil War and the years of Franco's dictatorship.

We've already seen a teaser but Magnet, who acquired the film for theatrical distribution later this year (no dates have been announced), have released a redband trailer which features all sorts of badassery.

Trailer after the break.

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