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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.16.11] Malaysia post apocalyptic movie trailer scifi

The post apocalypse usually means two things. Mutants, or gangs. So big surprise that this Malaysian hybrid loosely on Takshi Miike's Japanese gangster film series Crows Zero went for a PA setting to showcase the gangland violence with a new twist.

Apokalips X (I love that title. It should be a punk-rock band name) comes from Malaysian director Mamat Khalid who is apparently most known for comedies (what do I know about Malaysian cinema?).

No word yet on the exact release date. You'll find the teaser (via: Twitch) embedded below.

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Izzy (11 years ago) Reply

This trailer does not make me want to see the movie?


rek (11 years ago) Reply

Not everything is about you, Izzy.


Mel (11 years ago) Reply

wahh !! filem niy gempak seyh .. i like this filem ..

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