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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.14.11] Finland movie news fantasy

European bands are really going out of their way to create "experiences" for their fans. First it was Within Temptation who released their fifth studio album "The Unforgiven" earlier this year with a series of companion comic books and short films. Now Nightwish is getting into the added value market.

Last year the band confirmed that they were working on songs for a new album but earlier this year they announced that the album, titled "Imaginarium," would also be accompanied by a film. The idea started as a series of short films on a common theme but with the help of director Stobe Harju, who previously worked with the band on a music video, they've developed the concept for an 80 minute feature film. And the concept? From the band's official website:

"Imaginarium" is a music fantasy - film based on the forthcoming Nightwish album of the same title and its 13 songs.

The protagonist of the film is a songwriter with an otherworldly imagination. He is an old man who still thinks he's a young boy. While asleep he travels into his distant past where his dreams of old come back to him mixed to the young boy's world of fantasy and music.

In his dreams the old man fights to find the memories most important to him.

In a recent interview, Harju explained it as a mix between "Moulin Rouge" and Pink Floyd's "The Wall," and if that's not exciting enough, there's the little fact that this is going the route of dark fantasy – not particularly surprising considering the band’s previous work.

We should see a preview of the film, which is currently in pre-production, before the end of the year. With a budget of nearly four million dollars, I'm not expecting a huge epic but it's hardly chump change. I for one, I'm really excited to see what comes of the project and if you're wondering what Nightwish and Harju, who also did quite a bit of work on the video game "Alan Wake," may have in store, check out the director's previous collaboration with the band, a music video for "The Islander."

Video, along with a few others from Harju's catalogue, after the break.

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