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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.12.11] Russia movie trailer news short scifi

Forever after is an independent sci-fi/drama short film produced in Russia and written and directed by Vitaly Verlov. It's another great example of how indie directors are able to integrate intriguing VFX images into mundane circumstances to great effect.

On a vacation driving through the open countryside, a young couple encounters mysterious phenomena with an intelligent and possibly threatening nature behind it. In the momentf of sudden danger and faced with the unknown, their attitude to each other is about to change.

No word on a release date on this one, though apparently it'll be completed in 2011. Here's hoping we get to see the entire short film soon.

Thanks to Avery for pointing this one out.

Check out the intriguing trailer after the break.

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Umberto (11 years ago) Reply

Sembra veramente interessante.... ormai queste produzioni indipendenti non hanno nulla da invidiare ai grandi blockbuster... ;-)


rek (11 years ago) Reply


Technically a teaser though, isn't it?


Shocbomb (11 years ago) Reply

Teaser has my attention and I will check this film out. looks to be another Film on Alien Abduction.

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