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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.06.11] movie trailer news scifi horror

The Rift is an independent science fiction/horror flick directed by Robert Kouba and written by Jonathan Peace. The first trailer for the film dropped over the weekend and while it doesn't give us much by way of story details, the look and basic concept has got me intrigued.

Since a few decades they were watching us. Studying us. What are they? Nobody knows. Nobody but Ivan Petrenko Karkarov.

The Russian physician started to study a phenomenon which was occurring since several decades. In 1982 he found an answer to the strange phenomenon but before he could tell anyone he mysteriously vanished.

Something is moving. It's watching us.

You can check out the first trailer after the break, or on iTunes where it premiered (via firstshowing).

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Marc McKenzie (11 years ago) Reply


Certainly caught my interest--hope it will be worth watching.


donc48 (11 years ago) Reply

Ok I’m intrigued.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Looks terrific. Love the soundtrack.

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