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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.06.11] movie trailer short scifi

A lone astronaut stuck in a space station, slowly dying and dreaming of his lost wife? It's hard not to think of Duncaan Jone;s Moon when watching the trailer for Nikolaj Feifer's impressive indie scifi short, Junk Love. Also, both films borrow heavily from Solaris Silent Running and since all science fiction tales seem to borrow heavily from past sources, so we won't hold it against this one.

Produced by Mikkel Jersin N, the film stars actor and Robert-winner Peter Plaugborg as Edwin, the lone crew member aboard the SS Hamlet, a spacecraft slowly leaking his oxygen supply into space. If he cannot find a way to fix the leak his own life will be lost.

A distant memory about his lost wife is what keeps him alive when facing death.

You can watch the trailer for Junk Love after the break.

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