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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.30.11] post apocalyptic movie trailer news experimental

Just imagine being a social outcast, living through the apocalypse and not being able to find any joy in outlasting all of humanity. That's some epic, ironic torture right there.

Writer/director Jet Wintzer describes his film Towers as "a post apocalyptic psycho indie rock opera," so we fully expect this to be on the experimental side. The film stars Angela Washell and Lauren Ashleigh as two teenage girls who meet each other as they drift aimlessly through the apocalypse (read: life).

When the human race can no longer feel happiness, peace or joy due to mutations caused by radiation from cell phones and *towers*, humanity becomes virtually extinct.

In this post apocalyptic psycho indie rock opera, two young women miraculously find each other in a psychedelic haze whilst traveling the barren American landscape searching for the world's last DJ broadcasting via Ham, Shortwave and CB...from Heaven.

Towers also features a stellar line-up of tunes from indie bands Vivian Girls, The Soft Explosions, Shade, The Neutron Drivers, Live Girls!!!, Top Shelf Books, Asa Ransom, Isolation Station, Exoterica, Peanut Butter Lovesicle, Young Circle, ILONA V, Nutron Stars, The Spectacle Experiement, Schizo Fun Addict and Waster.

Thanks to Jet for giving us this intriguing look look at his new film. You can support the Towers movie on Facebook and through the filminco website

Watch for Towers at the tail end of 2011... if the world still exists.

More as it comes!

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Jet Wintzer (11 years ago) Reply

Exactly one day after the trailer premiers, he prophecy comes true. CNN reports that the World Health Organization is now announcing that cell phones have a high risk of causing brain tumors, cancer and death. How is that for some serious prophetic mojo!


rock opera (10 years ago) Reply

from what I've seen of this its weird. I wonder how much of a narrative it is. Could be cool either way

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