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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.16.11] Germany movie trailer scifi drama

We first heard of Damir Lukacevic's Transfer last year when it played a number of festivals to generally positive reviews. And for good reason. I really liked the film when I saw it at VIFF last year and both Ben and Rochefort had similar reactions to the cerebral sci-fi drama when they saw it.

Taking place in the near future, Transfer focuses on a couple who are struggling with the decision of partaking in a new piece of technology that allows their consciousness to be transferred, for periods of time, to younger bodies. The film is demure, focusing its energy on telling a story about the people involved and how they, both the older couple whose consciousness is being transferred and the individuals who volunteer themselves as the vessels, deal with the effects. It's a fascinating story, one that is well executed and which still resonates with me, months after seeing it – a great feat in today’s world of showy yet ultimately forgettable sci-fi.

Transfer is still making its way through various festivals, most recently having played Sci-Fi London, but I'm hopeful we'll see some sort of distribution for the film; it would be a great shame to have it go unseen when it deserves better.

For now, you can take a peek at what we were all so excited about. A trailer for the film is after the break.

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Phoebe (11 years ago) Reply

Looking forward to seeing this one!


apostolos (11 years ago) Reply

thank you for this.
no vampires-no zombies-no splatter films for once.

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