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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 05.13.11] Ireland (Republic of) movie news video thriller drama

Irish director Rebecca Daly's feature film debut The Other Side of Sleep sounds like a promising tale of suspense. It stars Antonia Campbell-Hughes as Arlene, a sleepwalker who works in the local factory of a small Irish town. When a young woman turns up dead in the nearby woods, Arlene starts to channel her own mother's disappearance twenty years earlier. Scared, Arlene begins barricading herself in at night, depriving herself of sleep and between the turmoil of the girl's death, the connections to her own past and the lack of sleep, Arlene's dream and reality begin to blur.

It hints of The Machinist but early reviews from Cannes where the film recently premiered as part of the Director’s Fortnight, have called the film a "languid" piece which "deliberately avoids suspense." The first clip which has emerged for the film certainly suggests a moody thriller but I'm not sure how this could lack suspense. Not only do we have a dead body but a young woman who is locking herself in at night - and we're not even sure why.

It's a short clip but the music and camera movement in the second half create a creepy atmosphere, almost as if whatever the girl is looking at is going to make her jump or run away.

I hope to see a trailer for the film soon but for now, check out the first clip after the break.

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