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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.10.11] movie news horror thriller

War Games (formerly At the End of the Day) is the first feature from acclaimed music video director Cosimo Alemà. It's about a paint ball game gone horribly, and dangerously wrong and I think it looks pretty intense.

A game of paintball turns deadly when three unhinged and deranged ex-soldiers play a twisted mind game of catch and release with their unsuspecting victims. This quickly leads to a bloody manhunt where everyone is a target, and no one is safe.

The movie stars Andrew Harwood Mills, Sam Cohan, Valene Kane, Neil Linpow, Daniel Vivian, Lutz Michael, Monika Mirga, Michael Schermi, Tom Stanley, and Stephanie Chapman-Baker.

Check out the promo trailer (via: Dread Central) after the break.


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Christian (10 years ago) Reply

It's not paintball, it's airsoft ;)


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

This trailer makes me want to watch Southern Comfort instead!


John (10 years ago) Reply

Right...Synopsis for
Paintball (2009)...all seen.

See this for a change:

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