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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.06.11] Germany movie trailer news scifi

While we’re all concerned about clean energy and lowering emissions, few consider the impact that clean energy has on the environment. Enter German director Krystof Zlatnik and his feature film debut Lys.

A cautionary tale that takes place in a future where electricity is drawn by harnessing the Earth’s Anima energy, it’s the story of a young woman named Lys who is found inside the core of the TERRA-Power Plant shortly after a massive blackout. The scientists let Lys return home but Karl Bardel, the chief architect behind the reactor, is convinced that the young woman might have a connection to the blackout; the trailer certainly suggests that’s exactly the case.

Though this is marked as a feature film debut, Lys is a mid-length affair clocking in at 52 minutes. Some of the effects look obviously low budget but they’re not so awful that they detract from the rest of the story which is certainly unique.

Lys is screening at SIFF in June.

Trailer after the break.

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