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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.05.11] United Kingdom movie news short horror comedy

I'm not sure what the worst way to go would be: death by Dyson or clothing press? That's exactly the sort of thing you may be pondering when the credits start to roll on Rob Spracking's horror comedy Rise of the Appliances which has been making the film festival rounds since last year.

Spracking recently signed a deal with Big Rich Productions to expand this story into a full length feature but until we see that, we can revel in the goodness that is this short in which the world’s electronic appliances come to life and begin killing their owners. It's kind of like Rubber (review) but much, much sillier.

There's a trailer for the short film kicking around but lucky for us, the good folks at Sci-Fi London (which recently wrapped), have posted the entire short film. So before it disappears off the interweb and while we wait for more news on the full length feature, feast your eyes on the glorious 8 minutes of fun below.

Full film after the break.

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