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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.03.11] apocalyptic news scifi

One of the more controversial and critically maligned films of the past year was the scifi war pic Battle: Los Angeles (review). I'm going out on a limb and admit that I straight up loved the film and can't wait to blast my sound system with alien v human carnage when this hits on Blu-ray on June 14, 2011.

The final specs, art and bonus beef have hit web. Apparently the DVD will include 6 featurettes: "Behind the Battle," "Building the Aliens," "Acting with Aliens," "Shooting the Aliens," "Preparing for Battle" and "Creating L.A. in LA".

Not enough for you? Then grab the Blu-ray for 14 MORE featurettes including "Directing the Battle," "Boot Camp," "The Freeway Battle," "Command Control," "Staff Sergeant Nantz," "Marine Behind the Scenes," "Aliens Ambush the Marines," "Battling Unknown Forces," "Technical Sergeant Santos," "Alien Autopsy," "Gas Station Explosion," "Visual FX on the Freeway," "Do You Believe in Aliens?" and Alien Command & Control". WHEW!

No commentary listed (lame), but I guess there's a PS3 theme and the Resistance 3 PS3 game demo for you gamers.

You can pre-order the Battle: Los Angeles Blu-ray here

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