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Eternal life – A gift or a curse?

According to the film's official website, production on Immortalitas began in December 2009 and still continues. Shooting wrapped in July 2010 and currently Immortalitas is in post-production with an eye for completion soon (they say March, so it may actually be completed). But perhaps what makes this sprawling indie interesting is that it is also the first Slovak 3D film. Yep, everyone's doing it.

Life cycle on Earth is nearing to it's end. The land is destroyed by countless wars and the mankind is on the brink of extinction. The dominance of the artificial intelligence devours the planet as well as threat from space. Adam is roaming this God -- forgotten land alone, carrying a dark secret from the past, searching for four mythical elements of life.

Maybe there is more than his own cursed soul that he could save.

This is director Boshnak Erik's first film. The majority of the crew are students of Film and Television Faculty at Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Animation on the film was provided by a team from Prešov lead by Peter Mňahončák and film score is being composed by David Kollar.

Film completion is estimated in March 2011.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

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