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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.13.11] post apocalyptic movie news scifi horror thriller drama comic

Questions abound when Disney dumped Joseph Kosinski's ambitious post-apocalyptic scifi project Horizon's (formerly "Oblivion"). How did Kosinski, their new golden boy, lose favour with the studio that shepherded him into features with Tron Legacy? Were they ultimately unimpressed with Tron's critical reception, or do they lack the guts to shill for an expensive, potentially R rated project that's not a sequel, remake or based on a popular property.

But all is not lost for Kosinski's homeless project. THR reports Universal is negotiating to distribute the film with Tom Cruise attached to star. Not surprising that Cruise jumped on the most original scifi project in town now that At the Mountains of Madness has been kiboshed. Let's face it, Cruise needs a hit. Kosinski will will produce with Barry Levine and Jeffrey Silver.

In a post-apocalyptic Earth, civilization lives above the clouds and scavengers illegally collect ancient artifacts from the polluted and destroyed surface below. But when one young scavenger discovers a crashed spacecraft planetside- and a beautiful woman within- he rejoices at the find. Little does he realize that his discovery will lead him to a journey filled with romance, adventure and unimaginable danger.

Horizon's was originally pitched as a comic and you can check out some artwork for it after the break.

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loci (11 years ago) Reply

"most original scifi project in town"

Not sure about original. Apart from the spaceship, that synopsis could be for the manga 'Battle Angel alita'.


noname (11 years ago) Reply

^^^ I agree. I've seen a couple anime/manga about earth destroyed and the survives live in floating cities / or on land somehow above the clouds.

Still. I hope it turns out well. I'll be keeping an eye on this one.


Colocation Docklands (11 years ago) Reply

I guess it's almost poetic that Kosinski showed Fincher an early cut for feedback.

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