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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.04.11] movie trailer news scifi thriller western

av·a·rice (a-və-rəs) - excessive desire to acquire or possess more than one needs or deserves

Brad Dourif (LOTR, Deadwood), Ray Park (Star Wars, X-Men), Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) and Tinsel Korey (Twilight: New Moon & Eclipse) fight over a magic box from the cosmos in this truly stellar looking new indie scifi thriller that looks nothing short of 2001: A Space Odyssey meets No Counrty for Old Men. You gotta see this, people.

A mysterious box from space lands in the desert; it holds the power to grant anyone's desires, but at a deadly cost. When a group of strangers are brought together by their most desperate desires, they will unwittingly release the evil darkness lurking inside.

Avarice is directed by Matthew Schilling and is seeing release in 2011.

Check out the trailer for Avarice after the break.

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redmaigo (12 years ago) Reply

Hmmmm. To paraphrase an old movie, "Do not try to escape. You are in my control. Look at me: I am the sum of all evils. Look carefully. My power infests all times, all galaxies, all dimensions. But many still seek me out; a (black box) they must possess. But see how I destroy their lives.


cyclops76 (12 years ago) Reply

@redmaigo Heavy Metal


Jeffrey Lamar (12 years ago) Reply



Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Jason London and the Mom from Home improvement too!!? Sweet....


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

There is a new star on the horizon here. All the vets in this film are great!! But newcomer Kelcie Stranahan (while not mentioned in much of the early publicity...yet), is "Introduced" in this film. Look for her. Lovely. Talented. Fills out this wonderful cast.

Great little film that is well worth the trouble to go see.


Merzmensch (12 years ago) Reply

Why I have to think about "The Big Empty" watching this trailer...


Jeff Johnson (12 years ago) Reply

fantastic execution! assuming this is a independent film, I'm very impress with the cast used, must be some pretty big budget for the actors and actresses. Two thumbs up for the trailer ! I'm a big fan of kevin can't wait to see this in theaters


Rook (12 years ago) Reply

Eh. Nothing really impressed. It seems like they took elements from a bunch of movies and threw them together.

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