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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.01.11] France movie trailer news scifi

Director Nicolas Bazz started life as a video artist and quickly moved into commercials, music videos and then short narrative film. Where are we Going? (Où allons-nous?) is the director's first feature film and it looks to have a lot of visual flourishes to go along with a mind-bending plot about being stuck in the middle of the universe.

The "Glaz TN1" mission and its five crew members, travel 50 light years from earth to study a pillar of the universe: a black hole At close to the speed of light it is a 6 week round trip...But time has its own rules. When they return to earth, 100 years will have passed. 100 years in 6 weeks...that's relativity, that's the way it is. The crew psychiatrist helps the pilot and the 3 scientists on board to cope with this dual reality, with some success...until the incident. Ejected 10,000 light years into space by the black hole, 20,000 years away from their lives on earth and their cultures, they'll have to reconstruct themselves, all the while exploring a beautiful universe, ripe with colors, unlikely places...and perhaps, meaning.

The film looks pretty good. Personally I think it might be a little over-lit, but otherwise it looks interesting.

You can watch the trailer for the film after the break.

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John (11 years ago) Reply

over-lit alright, French howerver = great cinema.


mungomango (11 years ago) Reply

blast! cant see the trailer for some reason...but, I love this type of "time travel" is at least atttempting to follow real goofball going-back-in-time-to-change-the-future sort of crap...really would love to see this...


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

very french, feels like a uneasy mix of highconcept scifi (with secondhand sfx) and offbeat dialogue. Could go either way, Im prob biased, since I don't like humour in scifi


J.J. (11 years ago) Reply

The humor mixed with the sci-fi will kill this flick. It's a shame as it has heart, but let's be honest - this is nothing special.


Shocbomb (11 years ago) Reply

I love almost anything to do with deep space travel and throw in a few nice pics of a black hole's accretion disc and Jets I get 10x more pumped to see the flick, All was looking good until about mid way threw the trailor and then it took a turn for the worse. I think the mix of humor and Cheesiness will be the killer of this movie. I will still give it a go though and hope fr the best ???


rek (11 years ago) Reply

Very interesting ship design!

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