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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.28.11] movie news cyberpunk scifi thriller

Sodium Entertainment, the production company behind the visual striking cyberpunk short film Outsource, has a new high-tech thriller in development that sounds like a cross between William Gibson and that new movie "Limitless." It's called The Grid and it's about a University that's developed this mass market artificial intelligence program that... kills!

The grid is written by Judson Pearce Morgan (who played "Max" in Outsource) and Dan Rutledge. Morgan is attached to direct.

A group of ambitious college students are recruited into a clandestine experiment to test a mass-market artificial intelligence program. Like an all-knowing life coach, the system leads them to success beyond their wildest dreams... until the power of the technology proves dangerous and an innocent girl winds up dead.

When Travis Lane, aka "Participant One," breaks ranks to expose the experiment, he is disgraced, blackmailed and threatened. With his own future and the future of the University at stake, Travis will have to bring down The Grid and its greedy creator in a final man-against-thinking-machine showdown.

No trailer or anything as the film is still in dev, but we've got a swanky poster for you which will have to suffice until we learn more.

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