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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.26.11] movie news scifi comic art

Way back in December 2008 we told you that Ashley Wood's Popbot series was optioned for film development way back in 2006 by Australian banner Resolution Independent. It's been quiet on the production for years, but just when I was losing hope, I find out the thing is actually going to get made as the company has closed a deal that will see POPBOT in 3000 US theatres and are vetting world sales agents to gets it into every other country on the planet. Best part is, the film goes into production this year!

I spoke to the film's producer, Pete Ford, who had this to say about what's up with the project and why getting it made is such a big deal.

"Production is slated to start June 2011 - that's what we are working towards.

This is a heavy post film - a lot (A LOT!) of animation (KITTY AND POP but to name two) and the creation of the "Ashleyverse" means that we have a long production timeframe - 18months. We deliver the film late 2012. I have no idea when that means it'll be released - but not too far off delivery with any luck.

The picture has grown over the years even with it's early stalling (turns out everything does happen for a reason!) we have a very good budget - not studio sized, but enough to do right by Popbot, Ashley Wood and TP Louise. I can can say that it's one of the biggest Aussie films that has been privately funded (that is: non-studio funding). Actually when I think about it, I'm hard pressed to think of another... Definitely in the top five, maybe top 3...

Best part - Ash is involved! We are making a honest to God POPBOT film and that's pretty bloody cool! I cannot wait to sit with an audience and watch their reaction when Kitty appears for the first time. We'll know then if we've gone too far!"

It sounds like Pete and the gang understand that to do Wood's singular work justice they need to use some new techniques and push the envelope a little bit. I like the sound of that.

Ashley Wood is the creator of World War Robot and Zombies vs. Robots and you can oder the complete Pobot here.

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John (10 years ago) Reply

How did this not get posted 3-4 years ago:
Popbot | AE

some recent info:
Science-fiction action film Popbot to shoot in Melbourne

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