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UPDATE: The Arcadian will be having it's world premier at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival which coincidentally is one of our favorite festivals.

When AO wrote about this film at the end of 2009, we didn't have a plot synopsis and we still don't. However, we do know it has something to do with a character called "the lighthouse keeper" who is on a trip for revenge and redemption in a "strange future world".

Strange indeed. The trailer itself is reminiscent of trailer styles from an era past, and furthermore evokes the "dying world in madness" feeling I get from one of my favorite films, Shatter Dead.

Want a recap? This is all they're giving out at this point:
In a dying future a man who’s lost everything returns to the place that took it from him.

The Arcadian is written and directed by Dekker Dreyer and stars J. LaRose (Saw III, Repo! The Genetic Opera) Deshja Driggs (Poundcake), Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Terminator, Millenium), Bill Cobbs and Brian Thompson.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the exclusive trailer for.. The Arcadian.

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

creepy and retro, i dig it


John (11 years ago) Reply

Here is more:
"The Arcadian follows "The Lighthouse Keeper" on a story of revenge and redemption in a strange future world reminiscent of wild 1970s pop sci-fi. The visual world of The Arcadian is an homage to the work of underground illustrators while creating something that is both unique and distinctive. Inspired in equal parts by samurai movies, rock operas, and underground comics, filming took place across four states (New York, New Jersey, California, Florida) as well as Nova Scotia, Canada to get the "feel" of the film's disjointed apocalypse right.

Director Dekker Dreyer said: "We wanted to create something that was definitely sci-fi without being cold or slick. I looked back to the things that I loved when I was younger, like comics from Moebius, Tamburini... all the great illustrators and writers from the late 70s and early 80s. I wanted to make a sci-fi universe that has a definite rock and roll visual language. Warrior cults, fantastic locations, alien machinery... all built around the eerie familiarity of the day to day world"".

Parts, who does what, tech, and other interesting info:


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Looks a bit like Kubric.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

I really like this. It's nice to see an indie that doesn't look low budget or shaky cam.


Monica Valero (11 years ago) Reply

I've been wanting to see this. I read the director's blog and loved his books. The trailer is confusing, but someone made a great comment on G4's site about it:

Looks amazing. A psychological thriller with a post-apocalyptic setting that is also (apparently) a love letter to the artsy films and cinematic style of the seventies and early eighties, like "Altered States" and "The Omega Man". This movie has to be fantastic. It looks all to familiar and fresh at the same time. Plus, I get to see The Sess in what appears to be his first big film! How could this get any better?

Read more:

Some of the other commenters don't get it. Maybe they're too young or something. This isn't the kind of movie you're going to go see with a seventeen year old.


Xebeche (11 years ago) Reply

Wow - Adam Sessler! And the film feels kinda like Quintet, without all the snow. Me likey.


Merzmensch (11 years ago) Reply

Wow, this one looks fresh and timeless. In suppose, this is kind of movies you will be able to watch 50 years ago without sarcastic smile.


Carina (11 years ago) Reply

my first thought was "Clockwork Orange" =) This one has cult-movie head trip written all over it! Anyone know if it'll be coming to American screens this year?

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