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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.16.11] post apocalyptic movie review scifi horror thriller drama

For a low seven figures, Anchor Bay has picked up U.S. rights to Xavier Gens' post-apocalyptic thriller The Divide.

We were the first site to post a review of the film after its premier at SXSW 2011 and lavish all kinds of love upon it, so for anyone now dying to see it I'd say the quick sale is good news as you can bet Anchor Bay aren't going to keep this title locked up in a bomb shelter for long.

When I spoke briefly with producer Darryn Welch, he had this to say about the reaction to the film's first screening. "[It was] extremely positive. I overheard some of the public that attended saying they were officially fans of this movie and then we had very strong feedback from distributors who attended too. We were all giddy after the screening, the audience reacted like I’ve never seen: Cheers, the occasional eruption of nervous laughter – it was a great turn out."

About what drew Anchor Bay to placing such a strong bid for the film he said: "They had been tracking this film since we started shooting it and have always been keen – the night of the premiere simply confirmed their expectations – there was another strong offer on the table, but AB came through with the best overall deal and we are ecstatic with the results and look forward to a great release."

Anchor Bay beat out offers from Sony, IFC, Relativity, Xlrator, E1 and FilmDistrict to nab the film.

News of the sale comes via The Hollywood Reporter.

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