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Christopher Webster [DVD News 03.08.11] zombies movie news dvd horror animation thriller

The Walking Dead shambles onto Blu-ray and DVD this week! AMC's epic zombie TV extravaganza was a major win for the network, bringing their highest rating of any original show yet. It also brought the dead into prime time TV. The show, based on the popular graphic novel series by Robert Kirkman, has been renewed for a second season.

Another zombie film hitting this week is Zombie Farm which we didn't cover because I thought it was B. Luciano Barsuglia's Zombie Farm from 2007 which I didn't much like and didn't want to endorse. But.. it's not. It's a new one that's about a small town in the South is terrorized when Zombies and Voodoo collide. Zombie Voodoo!

The Myazaki classic Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind hits Blu-ray this week. I love this film and consider it one of Myazaki's best. It's an amazing combination of elements including post-apocalyptic, scifi, fantasy and drama and you can't beat the old style animation.

If you haven't heard, street artist Banksy's got a documentary otu called Exit Through the Gift Shop. It was nominated for an Academy Award and all, but didn't win, because, you know, the Academy Awards usually sell out.

Also out this week is a Blu-ray release of John Boorman's Excalibur. I haven't seen this one for about ten years so it'll be awesome to check out all the bawdiness and violence in crisp high-def.

Chris Morris’ Four Lions is a whip-smart, slapstick comedy, about Jihadi suicide bombers. It follows five inept aspiring terrorists on their quest to strike a blow, and how they demonstrate that terrorism may be about ideology, but it can also be about idiots. This one is hilariously funny.

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