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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.08.11] movie news short steampunk

Remember the days when music videos were short films? I could be way off on the feeling that they don’t really do this anymore considering that the new home of music videos seems to be YouTube and I can’t go there – it turns into an hour of me looking at old commercials and forgetting, almost immediately, what I went there for to begin with. So yes, there could be music videos as short films (30 Seconds to Mars’ recent “Hurricane” short film directed by Jared Leto himself caused quite a stir) but they’re not as common as I remember and generally, nowhere near this cool.

Eye of the Storm was put together for Lovett’s new single. The story is pretty straight forward – there’s only so much you can do in five minutes – but it’s effective and beautiful. It’s set in a “stylized steampunk world in the clouds” and tells “the story of a lonely captain who has to unshackle himself from a troublesome past in order to move on to the next chapter in his life.”

Along with the finished video, Oddball Animation have posted some great behind the scenes videos of the filming and animation process along with loads of other details on the rendering of the animation.

Video after the break.

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Chance Wolf (11 years ago) Reply

Both song and animation are beautiful...sort of Miyazaki meets 'Heavy Metal' magazine. Outstanding.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

why end on a cliffhanger?!

what was the green light? what happened when he went into it?


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Song needs more answering phrases and really shouldn't be compressed. Maybe add some more delay to the other sounds too.

This doesn't even hold a candle to Miyazaki's work but it's cool.


RalphLockwood (11 years ago) Reply

"Set the controls for the heart of the sun............"


Roobarb (11 years ago) Reply

Very derivative of "The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello" Oscar nominated short from 2005. Striking and beautiful nonetheless, I wonder if Oddball Animation were influenced by this.

Check out the official site -

And the short itself on YouTube -

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