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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.01.11] movie news

Let’s be honest. No one wants a RoboCop remake. I mean, when the idea of a remake has been floating around as long as this one with little movement… that right there should be ample enough proof that it’s simply not in the cards. But then, MGM doesn’t really know any better and news from Deadline is that the reborn studio has moved beyond the loss of Aronofsky and is seriously looking to kick off their franchise production slate with a little help from outside the country.

Apparently the MGM has approached Brazilian director José Padilha to take the helm on the project. I’ll give them a little bit of credit for going to Padilha with the offer. The director of Bus 174 and Elite Squad one and two certainly knows how to handle violence.

I’m not really keen on a remake/reboot but I must admit that at this point I’m cautiously curious about the project if only to see if Padilha takes the job. Further, MGM gets a little bit of extra credit for thinking outside the box for a director on the project. If I wasn't so jaded, I'd think they were actually trying to make more than a forgettable remake.

Are we ready for RoboCop to rise again and if yes, with who behind and in front of the camera?

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Tammy (11 years ago) Reply

Look at him. So shiny. So regal. So stacked. Sigh. All the best one's are taken.


Aruta (11 years ago) Reply

Nooowwww, this is gonna be indiana jones all over again..! >_<

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