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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.28.11] movie trailer news horror

Since zombie flick Colin became famous for being a 75 dollar movie, I'm a little skeptical of any film that claims to be made for nothing and looks decent. But new Spanish vampire flick Vampire in the Hole has pushed my credulity to the limit.

So how is it the filmmakers were able to get a film with these kinds of shots for 1 buck? They got people to work for free of course! It's the new business model sweeping the industry. Make entertainment for free for people who are going to download it for free anyway. Not sure that's a sustainable model myself, but maybe Vampire in the Hole will prove us wrong.

Vampirism is a newly discovered viral illness whose initial stages spread as quickly as the flu. May has just turned seventeen and has become infected. She is the only vampire in her family and her neighborhood and, as such, her life changes dramatically. In her daily surroundings she is now seen as a monster: kids throw stones at her and she is bullied at work. However, May tries to adapt by following the rules and norms set by the government on infected citizens who wish to fit back into society.

Opinion is divided about what should be done with the “infected”. Should one accept them, or reject them? And this division foreshadows a future war where racism and intolerance will inevitably hasten the definitive rift between humans and vampires.

Check out the trailer after the break and you can view some still and read more over at Undead Backbrain.

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FICTIS (11 years ago) Reply

Well... What is a 1$ movie anyways? Where did that 1$ go to? Fake blood (in the amount they used) busts this budget. So someone buys it, gives it to the production for free and it amounts to nothing all of a sudden? And what about the cost of transportation to the sets, and the accessories or costumes? Even if everyone does it for free, a no budget feature still costs money. I hate those kind of publicity stunts...

But the film does looks decent enough ;)


Noname (11 years ago) Reply

It's like a millionaire giving the people $500,000 worth of equipment, cameras, props, special effects programs (which they needed because that car flip looked pretty poor), paying for food and transport. all for free.

Does that still mean the movie only cost $1? Just because they aren't the ones paying.


Diggler (11 years ago) Reply

I think $1 is pushing the limit here. Though, they could have borrowed the camera's. Plus we are in an age where people are quite capable of making some pretty nice fx on their personal computers. And Bittorent costs nothing :)


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Impossible. Even if all the actors were volunteers & the equipment was all donated, the editing process is very expensive & I doubt that was done for free. And you can't make a movie w/o editing it.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Before reading the synopsis I thought that would be a film about a vampira, in a hole, a deep monologue while the vampire waits for the sunlight to get him. It would cost $1, not this movie with crap cgi.

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