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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.23.11] movie trailer news horror

Famine is set to be a feast of bad taste. This retro, grindhouse rampage arrives in the tradition of Gutterballs, a colourful kill-a-minute gorefest from Ryan Nicholson, writer Jeff O'Brien and the Production team at New Image Entertainment. Get nailed by the DVD in fall 2011!

Two years after a high-school prank involving flesh-eating acid nearly kills popular teacher Mr. Balszack, the graduating class of Sloppy Secondary holds a '24-Hour Famine' charity event on school grounds. But there's an uninvited guest at this event, masquerading as the school's handyman mascot, and he's got an insatiable hunger of his own. The power's cut, the doors and windows are chained shut, and now it's not just cheerleaders who are getting nailed! Has Mr. Balszack come back for revenge? Is his sad tale just a cover for a brand-new psycho? Can the Nailer be stopped before the whole Class of 2011 goes six feet under?

Check out the trailer (via: Geek Tyrant) after the break.

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