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Christopher Webster [DVD News 02.22.11] news scifi dvd horror cult thriller

I feel privileged to have grown up in a time when there were so many Alien rip- offs. I certainly think the world could do with a few more these days. You know, films where space crews fight straight up, slimy monsters. If anything we need to balance out all these cerebral alien films where we're supposed to feel sorry for the critters (read: Monsters, D9). Pandorum was certainly the closest thing to an old school alien rip off we've seen in a while, but damnit we need more.

But anyway, this brings me to Roger Corman's, Marc Singer starring, shot-in-17-days Alien clone Dead Space. I'd all but forgotten about until I read about it on Ninja Dixon. In usual Corman fashion, the poster outdoes the movie but there's fun to be had here and I intend to revisit it soon.

Phaebon had been thought to be a safe and controlled research facility until a distress signal calls for Commander Kreiger and his robot Tinpan. Together, they try to save the planet from a spreading virus and an odd and growing cocoon.

Check out a clip from the 1991 Dead Space movie after the break. We can only hope the actually Dead Space movie based on the game will be as good!

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wheatley_s (9 years ago) Reply



Anonymous (9 years ago) Reply

I'll have to check this for EA's Dead Space, the game is a work of art but video game movies are rarely good


kiddracula (9 years ago) Reply

Always troubled me that Dead Space is a blatant remake of Forbidden World, with the added benefit of Bryan Cranston and the fortuitous absence of Texas Automaton: Jesse Vintâ„¢


Anonymous (9 years ago) Reply

Corman always repurposed his ideas. Like Battle Beyond the Stars and Space Raiders have the same FX shots. This movie is an awesome cheese fest, but nowhere near as "good" as Forbidden World. Funny that they are on the same DVD as a double feature.


KidDracula (9 years ago) Reply

Forbidden World's got its own dvd. Dead Space is paired with The Terror Within.

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