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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.16.11] movie news book scifi adaptation

Very, very interesting... apparently Michel Gondry (ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, Green Hornet, Be Kind, Rewind) will adapt "Ubik," one of my all time favourite Philip K. Dick novels (in fact I have the first edition you see here).

In classic Dick fashion, it's about a regular, down on his luck guy (who can't even come up with the change needed to open his own front door) who gets hurt in an explosion and then wakes up to find out time is running backwards and the world is changing before his very eyes. But not just time, also the stuff around him - technology, coinage, everything - is regressing. It's really cool.

What's also interesting is that Dick wrote his own screenplay for Ubik. I doubt it'll be used, but Gondry being Gondry I hope he's smart enough to check it out. You can read more about his screenplay here.

Glen Runciter is dead. Or is everybody else? Someone died in an explosion orchestrated by Runciter's business competitors. And, indeed, it's the kingly Runciter whose funeral is scheduled in Des Moines. But in the meantime, his mourning employees are receiving bewildering -- and sometimes scatological -- messages from their boss. And the world around them is warping in ways that suggest that their own time is running out. Or already has.

I've knwn that Ubik was in development for years, but I never thought it'd get off the ground. Very cool indeed.

Order the book here.


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Matt the cat (12 years ago) Reply

wow, this is my alltime favourite PKD, Gondry is pretty good choice, in light of Eternal Sunshine. fingers crossed.


Ubykh (12 years ago) Reply

Ubik is my favorite Dick book as well. So glad this is happening and has landed in the right hands. I could hardly envision a better director!


Banjo (12 years ago) Reply

Yeah, Ubik is on the top of my PKD list as well. It covers just about everything in a very simple yet complicated way. Effectively Making it a movie will be difficult. And yes I also have my very own first ed hardcover copy of Ubik

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