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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.15.11] Australia movie trailer news drama

Here’s one that’s been flying completely under my radar for what looks like two years. Titled I Am You (thought it was originally known as In Her Skin), Simone North’s Australian drama is centered on the parents of a young girl in search of their missing daughter.

Rachel is a talented dancer who doesn’t return home from a trip to the city. Her parents, with the help of police, start a search for the missing girl which turns up no new information. The persistent parents continue their search alone and uncover new information that suggests this isna't a case of a runaway but that a nearby neighbour may be responsible for the disappearance.

It’s pretty standard fare but what isn’t standard is the outstanding cast. The film stars Guy Pearce and Miranda Otto in lead roles as the parents of the missing girl while Sam Neil makes an appearance as the father of the girl who is responsible for the abduction.

The fact this has been kicking around for two years with little fanfare scares me off a little, as does the fact that the trailer very quietly emerged online late last week, but I think the trailer shows promise and this cast certainly has me interested in the film which is now available on VOD from IFC Films.

Trailer after the break.

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