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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 02.14.11] movie trailer news drama arthouse

If this teaser was for a film from any other director, it would be a non-event as it doesn’t show anything but because it’s a Béla Tarr film (a director a few of us around these parts love), one we’ve been waiting for for quite some time and which, by most accounts, will be the director’s last, anything is worth posting at this point, including this teaser/non-teaser trailer for The Turin Horse.

It’s a 30 second shot of a lamp set to creepy music and white noise. For all I know, this is actually some random footage that someone’s edited into a “trailer” just before the film’s world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival tomorrow but man, it really does feel like something out of a Béla Tarr film. The film tells the story of a farmer and his daughter who find themselves in serious trouble when their work horse becomes ill.

Tarr is reunited with cinematographer Fred Keleman who also shot the beautiful The Man From London. I’m sure this 2 ½ hour film will be a mind blowing extravaganza of long takes with little dialogue. Heaven.

Teaser, via the good folks at The Playlist, after the break.

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