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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.04.11] Germany post apocalyptic movie news horror thriller

I wish we had more to report on this upcoming PA project but at this point, I’ll take whatever we can get. That said, considering the film is due to open in German theatres in September, we may (hopefully) be seeing a trailer sooner rather than later.

We first caught wind of the project in early 2010 when the film was in pre-production with Tim Fehlbaum in the director’s chair. 2016: The End of Night (2016: Das Ende der Nacht) – which I’ve also seen referred to around the web as simply Hell - takes place after a cataclysm that has scorched the earth and stars Stipe Erceg, Hannah Herzsprung and Angela Winkler as a trio “looking for water in the mountains in a post-apocalyptic world - but they are not alone.”

When we first reported on this there wasn’t even an image kicking around for the production but our mad research skills have uncovered the first still from the production and it suggests good things. The fact that this is coming via Paramount International under the guiding hand of Roland Emmerich suggests that if it does well, we might actually have the opportunity to see it this side of the pond. I sure as hell hope so.

More to come but for now, check out the first image after the break.

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John (11 years ago) Reply

More about it here:

In theatres on 1st of September.


ce lowe (11 years ago) Reply

bad ass looking movie. Roland Emerich is what I believe the king of apocalyptic styled movies. It sort of looks like The Road though with the burned out world and stuff.

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