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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.24.11] movie news horror thriller

The big news from Sundance this weekend was from Kevin Smith who said he would distribute his fundamentalist political thriller/horror whatever it is, Red State, himself, going so far as to personally go on the road with the film on a road tour.

Well, those Red State tour dates have now been released.

You can also request a screening in your home town.

Here's the official "Red Statement" from Smith and "The Harvey Boys"

The Red Statement

The Harvey Boys have witnessed first hand the vagaries of "studio math" - the byzantine numbers game that sees an uneducated media and public celebrating "huge" openings at the box office while ignoring the obscene marketing costs attached to reach those figures. We believe it's a pyrrhic victory to simply "buy" an opening weekend by pouring millions of dollars into TV spots, billboards and print ads. As storytellers, why not instead use our creative abilities that resulted in a film in the first place to also creatively SELL that film directly to our public?

We believe the state of film marketing has become ridiculously expensive and exclusionary to the average filmmaker longing simply to tell their story. When the costs of marketing and releasing a movie are four times that film's budget, it's apparent the traditional distribution mechanism is woefully out of touch with not only the current global economy, but also the age of social media.

Therefore, The Harvey Boys will not spend a dime on old world media buys (such as TV/Print/Outdoor) as we self-distribute our film, Red State, in an admittedly unconventional, yet extremely cost effective, word of mouth/viral campaign.

Knowledge is power, and we believe in empowering the filmmaker - so the Harvey Boys vow to make the financials of Red State open and transparent from which anybody hoping to follow suit can learn. We will do what no studio has dared: open up our books for the world to see so anyone interested in pursuing a similar independent release strategy has a better understanding of the BUSINESS of Red State.

And if we're successful - or even merely effective - at producing a film distribution apparatus that can stand apart from the cost-prohibitive studio model currently viewed as the only way to get a movie into a theater? It is our intent to use the groundwork we lay with Red State to aid other filmmakers in releasing THEIR films, via our newly launched SModcast Pictures.

Don't hate the studio; BECOME the studio. Anybody can make a movie; what we aim to prove is anyone can release a movie as well

The Harvey Boys

Jon Gordon & Kevin Smith

You'll find the film's teaser after the break.

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street (9 years ago) Reply

he should team up with M. Night Shyamalan...


donc48 (9 years ago) Reply

First I would like to say I agree with the film makes and wish them luck. How many films have wee seen have great opening numbers because of a great marketing campaign only to die in weeks three and four.


soma (9 years ago) Reply

Everyone's got their knickers in a twist about this movie. Especially the religious peeps. I'm dying to see it.


Anonymous (9 years ago) Reply

I have no doubt that a viral campaign will be effective for this movie but ONLY because the film is made by Kevin Smith, who has already had the benefit of studios pouring millions upon millions of dollars into him, establishing Smith himself as a brand. They can talk all they want about releasing their numbers and empowering other film makers but unless those film makers are already established names the Red State numbers will be absolutely irrelevant to them.


agentorange (9 years ago) Reply

I think the above is really key. Smith's fame and connections will surely help his success.


Anonymous (9 years ago) Reply

i think it's worth remembering the fact that this is also the guy responsible for "clerks". say what you will about his connections and branding, this sort of thing isn't new for him.

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