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quietearth [Celluloid 12.28.10] post apocalyptic movie news

Whaa? Described as a "spaghetti apocalypse", this "unique vision" doesn't sound very unique.. but alas, we do love where it's headed anyways! The film, slated for a fall shoot, will be directed by Richard Griffin.

A unique vision of a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by outlandishly deformed mutants, ruthlessly violent gangs, corruptible leaders, wasteland temptresses, and the most badass antihero in movie history; Python Diamond.

You can watch the original short film after the break.

Pic courtesy of Dave Reeves Photography/©Scorpio Film Releasing.

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EV (11 years ago) Reply

Can't say I'll be holding my breath after watching that short.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

wow, the talking head was pretty bad.


GOTCHA (11 years ago) Reply

The short was pretty freaking amazing for a 48hr film festival project. Can't wait for the full-length feature.


donc48 (11 years ago) Reply

This is pretty freaking funny, it got some pretty good lines in it. Ok they kind of lost me at the talking head also, but this could be a good beer and popcorn movie. I wish them luck.

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