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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.06.10] movie cyberpunk short scifi animation

I got a link to this awesome keyframe animation short from our boy Paul Sloan, writer of the upcoming Siphon. He said simply that he thought it was QE-ish... well, he's right. It's an impressive peice of work from artist Remi Gamietter, who put it together all by himself over two years using no motion capture at all. The jaggedness of the drawing reminds me a little of Peter Chung's work on Aeon Flux

Seething with rage, a woman dives into the deepest darkness of this world:
a tortured tower made of steel and cables amid which she throws herself headlong to recover her three abducted little girls.

Yeah we've seen this look and feel from stuff before, but this is a nice little short worthy of some atteniton. So check out the seven minute short film CABLE after the break.

You can also follow Gamiette's work on his blog.

Short Film "CABLE" from remi gamiette on Vimeo.

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btuckerx2 (12 years ago) Reply

Awesome job... kinda reminds me of Aeon Flux from back in the day -- the use of lighting and camera angles are excellent. I hope to see the full story. B-OWT

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