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Marina Antunes [DVD News 11.09.10] movie news dvd

Editor's Note: Thanks to everyone for your orders. I've been notified that the t-shirts/dvds are sold out. When more become available, we will let you know.

Judging from the comments when we first posted the trailer for Matthew Avant’s Lunopolis (review), you, our faithful readers, really wanted to get your hands on a copy of the film. Well guess what? Quiet Earth has pulled through for you.

Matthew has been kind enough to extend a very special DVD offer to our readers and it’s a pretty spiffy deal. You buy a T-shirt for $30US and your order will include a free signed copy of the DVD. Yup, pretty stellar stuff.

Here are the details:

Use the below link to purchase your T-Shirt and receive a FREE SIGNED COPY OF THE DVD! Please specify your shirt size, if you are unable to do it in the purchase option, please send me a follow up email with your preferred size in the Subject Line! (Sizes available: S,M,L,XL)

If you would like multiple shirts, let Matthew know directly and he will send you a different link.

Happy shopping!

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Cool. Thanks for the update. The movie really looks interesting and I'm looking forward to watching this one.


donc48 (11 years ago) Reply

I think the T would be worth ordering the DVD.


Lotus Eater (11 years ago) Reply

It is probably nearer to the truth than we realize, haha.


mernmern (11 years ago) Reply

Is this available to order yet? Thanks.


Carl Swanson (11 years ago) Reply

Is this available? I contacted Matthew awhile ago but I haven't heard anything back. I really want to see this movie!

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