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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.02.10] Italy movie trailer news horror

My Italian is really lacking so I can’t tell exactly what’s going on here but there are a few things that are pretty obvious from the trailer for Matteo Macaluso’s At Dusk (Al Crepuscolo ): first, this is a tale about vampires and second, it has a very unique, 70s horror feel and that’s never a bad thing.

That 70s feel somewhat disappears as the trailer progresses and the music changes but the opening 10 seconds of this trailer are more than enough to sell me on the film never mind the rest of the trailer.

There is one quick shot in this trailer that caught me by surprise and those are the bite marks which look like a bad make-up job, a surprise considering the high production value of the rest of the trailer. I’m wondering if that’s perhaps part of the make-up design for these vamps or if it’s just an oversight either way, it detracts little from the overall trailer which suggests dark, moody, and perhaps even ugly vampire action.

Kudos to the Avery Mining Corp. for digging this one up.

Trailer after the break.

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rahjneesh (11 years ago) Reply

sorry but vampires have become painfully tedious and unless it is a female vammp, they are so totally GAY...werewolves are a different story....very likeable for their canine qualities and can kick a vampire's ass in New York minute....jmo....


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Sorry to say that I'm Italian and had never heard of this one

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